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WaterProof and Highly Stain Resistant SoftHeat Electric Mattress Pads

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WATERPROOF and Highly Stain Resistant!
Waterproof Heated Mattress Pad
  • Until now, the few waterproof heated mattress pads available were waterproofed UNDER the 120V heater wires, which obviously could lead to a highly dangerous situation -- Think Bathtub! But this mattress pad offers a completely different two-way protection for you and your mattress:
    • The waterproof (that's proof, not resistant) layer is the TOP fabric -- OVER the heater wires; and,
    • The heater wires use non-hazardous low voltage (shock-proof like all SoftHeat electric bedding).
  • Additionally this Serta top fabric is strong and almost impossible to stain. It is a soft and beautiful sateen dobby stripe made of cotton/polyester with a 233 thread count. No plastic or rubber feel to this fabric.
  • Easy Care – completely machine washable and fully dryable with no shrinkage - straight from dryer to bed. 
  • The handsome control (Dual Controls on Queen and King Sizes) fits into any décor and features: SoftHeat Heated Mad Controller
    • An easy-to-grasp knob.
    • A simple easy-to-push ON/OFF switch.
    • No clicking noises.
    • Rubber feet that hold it solidly on the nightstand.
    • Giant brightly lit controller numbers that automatically dim for you in a dark room.
    • Worry free auto-off – turns itself off after 10 hours in case you forget.
    • Automatic pre-heat and hold feature for pre-warming your bed – all you do is push the ON button. The pad will warm your bed on HI until reaching your dial temperature setting. It then automatically holds that temperature for you. No need to turn the dial to HI to pre-warm.
  • Automatic total over-temperature protection.
  • These mattress pads use non-hazardous low voltage - UL's name for this safe power. Your wall socket’s 120VAC is converted by a power supply to either 16 or 18VDC (similar to a battery). You can place the power supply under the bed and next to the wall when you set up the mattress pad and never see it again. Meanwhile the handsome control can be seated on your night stand or any convenient spot. (Boaters and campers - works perfectly with all modified sine wave inverters.)  SoftHeat Low Voltage Connector
  • The pad’s wire connector is located completely off the sleeping surface for your total comfort. Additionally it is located at the head end of the bed so there are no wires on the floor running to the foot of your bed.
  • Guaranteed to fit up to any 18” tall mattress including pillowtops.
  • UL listed and individually tested for safety.
  • 5 year manufacturer’s guarantee.
  • Pays for itself in savings on your home energy costs – see the green table at the bottom of this page to calculate your heating savings.
  • By far, this is the finest heated waterproof mattress pad ever.

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If your  heating costs are
And if you turn your home thermostat down while you sleep (8 hours)
Down by:
You Save
You Save
You Save
Savings based upon US Dept. of Energy estimates. Actual savings may vary

UL Cautions for ALL Heated Mattress Pads:        

·     Electric bedding products should not be used with infants, invalids, anyone who cannot operate the controls properly, anyone insensitive to heat (e.g. a person with poor blood circulation) or anyone who cannot understand the basic directions given in the User Manual.

·     Electric bedding products should not be used on sofa beds, pull out beds or mechanically adjustable beds -- heater wires could become pinched or frayed.

·    This product is not meant for commercial use (hospitals, hotels, etc.).

·    Be careful with pets and electric products (a sharp claw could damage the wiring).