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Electric Bedding Makes a Great Gift!

Reduce Your Fuel Oil Usage Quicky and Easily

You know Fuel Oil costs are going out of sight. Yet some people are continuing to heat their whole house while they sleep. Why heat the kitchen while you sleep? In fact why heat the bedroom? Why not heat only your bed? Wouldn't this make more sense?
The United States Department of Energy tells us that if you turn your home thermostat down 1 degree for just 8 hours, you will save at least 1% of your home heating costs. So as the calculator table below shows, if you turn your home thermostat down say 12 degrees every night while you sleep, you can save 12% of your monthly home heating bill. So if your monthly fuel oil cost is say $300, by turning your home heat down 12 degrees for just 8 hours, you will save $36 per month. If your monthly oil bill is $400, just add the $300 savings to the $100 dollar savings and calculate a total monthly savings of $48.

If your  heating costs are
And if you turn your home thermostat down while you sleep (8 hours)
Down by:
You Save
You Save
You Save
Savings based upon US Dept. of Energy estimates. Actual savings may vary

To be comfortable and warm in your bed, we suggest either a heated mattress pad or a heated blanket. Neither costs very much to run – about 25 cents per month in electricity costs. Compare that to your $36 or $48 savings. Why not be cozy and warm in your bed all night?
Also consider that for many periods in the Spring and Fall, if you can make it through the night, you won’t need to turn your furnace on at all. People in Florida, Arizona and Southern California have known about this for years, which is the reason all heated bedding manufacturers actually sell more products in the warmer states than in the colder ones.

Fuel Oil SavingsIf you don’t like to be chilly when you get out of your warm bed each morning, invest in a programmable home thermostat that will warm up your home for about an hour before you arise. They don't cost much and you won’t even know that your house saved you many dollars while you slept.
You may be skeptical of these claims since we at Above & Beyond Bedding obviously have an “axe to grind”. So don’t take just our word on this. Please read the following facts from names you know and trust: Mother Earth News

A Mother Earth News® editor shows how he calculated a first year RETURN OF 148% on his new heated mattress pad.

Eric Leech in Planet Green®, the TV program focused on eco-friendly living and part of the Discovery Channel, shows how using an electric mattress pad saved a load of energy and produced a TWO MONTH PAYBACK on his investment.

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