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Electric Bedding Makes a Great Gift!

Heated Electric Blankets using Unique SoftHeat® Low Voltage

Tired of replacing poorly performing electric blankets every year or two? Want a really durable and comfortable one without any hot or cold spots? Any of these SoftHeat warming blankets is beautiful enough to use as a top-of-the-bed cover. And thanks to their ultra-small and light heating wires, the overall blanket is light enough to enjoy all year 'round and the easiest to launder and dry. Underwriters Laboratories (UL) says these blankets use ultra-safe "Non-Hazardous Low Voltage". The SoftHeat blankets were rated #1 in both safety and comfort by the Wall Street Journal, concluding their independent review with the words "This is the one we fought over". Available in three choices of fabric: 1) Soft Lightweight Microfleece; 2) Luxury Plush Stripe; or 3) Thick, Soft and Cuddly SERTA.