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Electric Bedding Makes a Great Gift!

Heated Electric Mattress Pads using Unique SoftHeat® Low Voltage

Heated Mattress Pads are now becoming recognized in the USA as a great alternative to electric blankets. They provide hours of low-level penetrating heat which increases your blood flow, thereby soothing sore muscles and joints which allows you a better night's sleep. Especially good for arthritis sufferers. There are 5 main reasons these SoftHeat pads are superior to all others:
  1. They use "Non-Hazardous Low Voltage" (UL's name).
  2. Their durable heating wires are so small you will never feel them.
  3. Ultra-easy to care for - machine wash and totally machine dryable - the only one that can go from your dryer straight to your bed!
  4. There are absolutely no hot or cold spots in these pads.
  5. The controller wire connector is located on the side skirt at the head of your bed - no wires running under the length of your bed and no connector to bump your feet into during your sleep.