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ElectroWarmth Heated Mattress Pads

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For those RVers or Boaters who need a SPECIAL SIZE heated mattress pad, we have these ETL listed (same standard as UL) bedwarmers from ElectroWarmth®. They make fitted warming pads to fit almost any size mattress including the popular Short Queens. They also are the only manufacturer of Full (Double) Size electric mattress pads with Dual Controls and Queen Size with One Control. These products are Made in America in Danville, OH and come with a one-year manufacturer's guarantee. Made from cotton-polyester with polyester fill inside. Skirt has elastic all the way around and will fit up to a 14" tall mattress.
These mattress pads will allow you to turn down or even turn off your RV or Boat heating system and you can still stay toasty warm while you sleep. And added benefit is that the pad's warmth is therapeutic, reducing the aches in your sore muscles. You will also sleep more soundly in a cooler atmosphere. 
These ElectroWarmth bedwarmers work from either 120 volt shore power or a full wave inverter. Sorry, they will not work from a modified sine wave inverter.
Since there are so many sizes, please don't guess at your mattress size. Measure your length and width before you order.
Specifications and Pricing:
Model Bed Size # of
Rated Watts
on HI
M30FL  Bunk, Long 1 30   X 80  55
M30FXL  Bunk, Extra Long 1 30   X 84  55
M38F Twin, Standard 1 38   X 74 69
M38FL  Twin, Long 1 38   X 80  69
M38FXL  Twin, Extra Long 1 38   X 84  69
M54F Full, Standard 1 54   X 74  111
M54FD  Full, Standard 2 54   X 74  111
M54FL  Full, Long 1 54   X 80  111
M54FLD  Full, Long 2 54   X 80  111
M54FXL  Full, Extra Long 1 54   X 84  111
M60F  Queen, Short 1 60   X 74  99
M60FD  Queen, Short 2 60   X 74  112
M60FL  Queen, Standard 1 60   X 80  99
M60FLD Queen, Standard 2 60   X 80  112
M60FXLD  Queen, Extra Long 2 60   X 84  112
M66FL Queen, Olympic 1 66   X 80 112
M66FLD Queen, Olympic 2 66   X 80 112
M72FXLD CalKing, Standard 2 72   X 84 133
M76FLD King, Standard 2 76   X 80 133
M76FXLD  King, Extra Long 2 76   X 84  133
UL Cautions for ALL Heated Mattress Pads:

·         Electric bedding products should not be used with infants, invalids, anyone who cannot operate the controls properly, anyone insensitive to heat (e.g. a person with poor blood circulation) or anyone who cannot understand the basic directions given in the User Manual.

·         Electric bedding products should not be used on sofa beds, pull out beds or mechanically adjustable beds -- heater wires could become pinched or frayed.

·         This product is not meant for commercial use (hospitals, hotels, etc.).

·         Be careful with pets and electric products (a sharp claw could damage the wiring).